Accent Reduction

I offer accent reduction for those individuals that feel their accent is preventing them from reaching their full potential - accents in general add to the quality of a persons communication skills.

"Let's Articulate"

I present workshops for my "Let's Articulate" program that offers a oral motor specific approach for articulation therapy. This programs was developed for the school site SLP. All aspects of the therapeutic treatment are addressed for all age students with multiple misarticulation errors and how to develop a positive effective program that will produce quick and permanent changes. Yes-- /l/;  /r/; /k/; /s/; and other phonemes.

I offer consulting work in the area of oral motor approach for articulation therapy to SLP.


Thumb Sucking - Worry or Not? Then What?

Prior to 5 years of age there is usually no need to worry. However, there are exceptions. If your child stops the sucking habit before 6 years of age, about the time permanent teeth are erupting, tooth alignment problems may self correct. However, if your child continues the sucking habit their thumb or finger becomes like a crow bar in the mouth. What happens is the thumb pushes the upper teeth out and possibly folds the bottom teeth in. Although not in all cases but with many, the sucking habit may result in, tongue thrust, forward posture of the tongue during rest, upper respiratory difficulties and possibly speech difficulties.  

Treatment of the thumb or finger sucking as well as other noxious oral habits can prevent dental and speech problems as well as emotional stress. If you or your child are already experiencing difficulty with teeth alignment or speech problems it is time to contact me.  

 My program is fun and supportive to the child and parents!  

It is a 21-day behavior modification program that addresses the thumb/finger sucking habit at 2 levels.

  • digit sucking during the day (conscious)

  • digit sucking during the night (unconscious) ​

I have taken concepts from established digit sucking programs and created a program that has proven to be successful for all. But to work, I must have parent and/or guardian involvement! We work together as a team!

This program was designed to help eliminate the sucking habit quickly and without coercion. It is fun and positive. This program not only stops the sucking habit but also builds self esteem and confidence. 

Here are the steps to success:

  • make the phone call or write to my email

  • all the information about the program and what you need to bring to the first session will be done with a  20 minute phone conversation 

  • an appointment is set up when you bring your child and all the goodies needed to get started

  • when you and your child come for the first visit we will go over the program 

  • your child will make daily phone calls to me, letting me know how they are doing - yes daily phone calls - we have fun practicing

  • if other visit are needed they will be scheduled

  • usually only the last visit is needed as a "Congratulations!--You Did It!"

It's hard to believe but it really works - from day 1. I am always so excited because this program is so successful and enjoyable to all.  This program has been used with children with special needs, teenagers and adults. The best age is after 4, but depending on the severity of the digit sucking we can start at an earlier age.  







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What is OMT?

OMT is the acronym for Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. As a Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, I work with patients that exhibit Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD). It is commonly referred to by many different names: tongue thrust, reverse swallow, and inverted swallow. What those names refer to is the  incorrect movement of the tongue during swallow. OMD actually involves not only the swallow but also the rest posture of the tongue and refers to specific behaviors that can have a negative impact on oral postures and function. 

The current scope of practice for an Orofacial Myologist Therapist with the IAOM includes remediation of:

  • tongue rest posturing

  • lip incompetence

  • correct swallow pattern

  • thumb, finger and tongue sucking

  • bruxism (clenching)

  • biting habits involving lips, fingers, tongue and cheeks

The purpose of OMT is to normalize the oral structure by eliminating noxious oral habits and/or develop correct postures of the tongue, which interfere with the normal development of oral structures. The 'lips-together' rest posture of the tongue is also an important goal for the overall cosmetic look of the patient. A thorough evaluation is made to determine the type of tongue thrust, rest posture, and the severity of each.

Related areas of  that could affect rest posture and swallow are: breathing difficulties, short lingual or tongue frenum, and noxious oral habits. If concerns are brought up during the evaluation referrals will be made to the appropriate professionals.

How Do I Know if I or Someone I Know Has OMD?

Referrals are made by orthodontist, dentist, speech language pathologists (SLP), otolaryngologist (ENT), allergist, osteopaths, patient referrals and even friends. Some common symptoms that alert the practitioner to the possibility of OMD are: 

  • open mouth rest posture

  • tongue sitting forward in the mouth

  • tongue protruding from the mouth during rest

  • significant nasal congestion

  • frequent colds

  • open bite of the dentition

  • slow changes of dentition with braces

  • relapse after removal of braces

  • thumb/finger/tongue sucking

  • lip licking/tongue chewing

  • articulation errors (speech errors) errors of any or all of these sounds:  /l/; /d/;/s/;/r/;/k/;/g/;/ch/;/sh/

  • limited improvement with speech therapy

  • the tongue comes forward during swallow of liquid and solids

Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist come from a variety of professions: speech therapist, dental hygienist, orthodontist and dentist.

For further and more specific information on OMD and OMT, please contact the
IAOM. Their site has a directory of therapist throughout the world.

The OMT Program -

An Individualized Program

A complete and thorough evaluation of the oral structures (lips, tongue and jaw) and screening of breathing will be done to establish if specific issues should be addressed and referrals made.

Pictures of before and after will be taken.

An individualized program will be establish for you or your child. Complete remediation of the tongue rest posture and tongue thrust is accomplished through an accurate evaluation, appropriate therapy and cooperation of the patient and significant others.

While working with your child I request that you or a caregiver be present so that all information presented at the session will be supported in the home environment between sessions.

If a digit sucking habit is present a recommendation is made that we address that first.

My program is successful because:

  • it has been specifically developed for the patient's needs

  • each evaluation and therapy session is done in a friendly and positive manner

  • parent involvement

  • 100% commitment from myself that this program will succeed when we work as a team